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Prices for an online booking system integrated in the hotel’s own webside

about 1 € / booking

Content of our offer:

Online reservation system that is constantly being improved.

Our system can be used for a month free of charge and without obligation.

Detailed instructions for use

Customer service via phone and e-mail.


Our online system will cost about 1 € / booking. It is possible to choose between monthly and annual billing.

Structures for billing monthly

to 150 reservations / month: 150 € / month

more than 150 reservations / month: 200 € / month

Payment: bank transfer within 8 days after the current month

Structures for annual billing

to 150 reservations / month: 1500 € / year*

more than 150 reservations / month: 2000 € / year

Payment: transfer in advance

* If either month is exceeded in the limit of 150 bookings there will be a charge at the beginning of the next month of 50 €

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